At the core of any great moving company is a diverse group of skilled, motivated, and intelligent Crew members. We strive to hire only the best, with a consistent record of highly rated reviews. Ask our past customers or do a quick Google search and you’ll find that we are among the best in town. We are on the lookout for both full time and part time drivers to meet the needs of the ever-growing demand for our moving services.

Who should apply?

Industry experience is great, but you need not be a veteran mover or driver to apply. An open mind, strong work ethic, and willingness to learn are all that we need to help you grow into a phenomenal Crew member.

What else is important?

Loyalty and dedication to your Crew. Simply put; moving can be a tough job that often requires a team effort to complete even the smaller tasks. Your fellow Crew members count on you to not only do your share of the work, but more importantly to do your share of the work that is safe for all members involved.

Diversity. Our Crew is made up of folks with a variety of interests, life goals, levels of education, and backgrounds. This is an aspect of our Crew that allows us to connect with our customers and enhance their overall moving experience.

Attitude: Nobody likes a downer, there’s no room for that stereotypical grumpy mover here. The ability to maintain a positive attitude is key, even when on an extraordinarily difficult move or when dealing with a customer who may not be your favorite. One bad attitude can bring down not only an anxious customer, but the entire Crew as well.


Why The Move Crew?

As an up and coming moving company, we are seeing constant growth. This means you have opportunities to grow right along with us.  We believe in utilizing the strength of each individual in a way that allows them to succeed.

Our office features a mover lounge, complete with full sized ping pong table, air hockey table, fridge, microwave, snacks, beverages, comfy seating, original Nintendo games, speaker system and TV.  We also offer a weight room and lockers.

Not to toot our own horn, but we employ folks who are outstanding at what they do.  This is a chance to work with and learn from some of the best movers and drivers in the industry. 


Some of the basic requirements

  • Movers must be at least 18 years of age, drivers 21.

  • Reliable means of transportation to and from our office in St. Paul; we typically start between 7am-8am in the morning.

  • Ability to lift heavy, odd shaped, awkward objects (usually 100 lbs or more) repeatedly while climbing, balancing, kneeling, crouching, walking, running, etc.

  • Flexible schedule during the week and weekends; you will be able to choose your available days to work, but we work until the job is complete so there is rarely a guaranteed end time.

Some of the basic responsibilities

  • Provide exceptional customer service as you safely move, pack, and sometimes unpack customer’s belongings

  • Communicate professionally in English, both verbally and in writing; comfortably interact with customers

  • Perform truck inspections, maintain moving equipment and inventory

  • Accurate completion of on-site paperwork and payment collection


So, how about the pay? 

A mover with little to no experience will start at $15/hour, this can grow incrementally up to $18/hour depending on reliability, performance, and the overall quality of their work.

Driver base pay is $17.50/hour and may increase to $20+/hour with time, again based on reliability, performance, and overall quality of work. 

In addition to this base hourly pay, a great Crew member can expect to average an additional $5 to $10 per hour on average, and sometimes more.  

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