Release of Liability

From time to time we come across situations where safety of the property or the furniture cannot be guaranteed. In these situations you will be informed of the potential hazards before action is taken. If after evaluating the risks you would like the Crew to proceed with the task, you will be asked to sign a Release of Liability document. This form will release The Move Crew from any liability for moving the specific pieces or moving situation listed in it.

Situations requiring release of liability

Please have a look below of the most common situations where Release of Liability is required.

  1. Fitting pieces through spaces they likely will not fit. Typical situations include trying to fit queen size box springs into the upstairs of the older 1½  story homes, taking couches, treadmills and other large pieces up/down/through tight stairways and doorways.
  2. Fragile pieces. Sometimes our Crews are requested to move extremely fragile and/or odd shaped pieces that are hard to move and pack in a safe manner. Often times items may be generations old, where time has already taken its toll on them.
  3. Loading/Unloading services. For damages caused while loading or unloading your truck or storage unit, The Move Crew is only responsible for items in our immediate care, custody and control. If our Crews are only providing loading/unloading services, we are not responsible for any damages that may occur in transporting the furniture. Our Crews are released of all liability after loading the truck or prior to unloading.
  4. Storage. If The Move Crew is loading or unloading onto or out of storage, we are only responsible for damage caused while loading, transporting or unloading. It is your responsibility to provide padding (blankets, bedspreads, thick towels, padded paper, etc.) to protect their goods. For easy access to storage pads and other moving supplies, visit our Pack Shop.
  5. Driving over the lawn, sidewalk, or other area not designed for truck traffic. Doing so may cause ruts in grass, cracking of concrete, loss of vegetation, damage to underground sprinklers, gas lines, drain fields or other damage. The Move Crew is not responsible of any towing charges that may result, whether foreseeable or not.

Pieces Requiring Release of Liability

In addition to the list above, there are also individual items that will require a Release of Liability to be signed before they can be moved.

  • Pianos. The Move Crew is liable only for the exterior. Every time a piano has been moved it will require tuning.
  • Flat screen TVs >= 60" when not boxed. Majority of the time there are not any issues with flat screen TVs. However, in rare cases the stands may give in, especially in low temperatures.
  • Grandfather clocks
  • appliances??????
  • Disassembling exercise equipment??????