Restricted Items

There are certain items that we are unable to transport on our trucks due to company policy or legal reasons.  Below is an outline of the items that we are unable to take.  

The Hazardous Materials List includes items that are banned by federal law from being loaded onto or transported in our trucks. The Irreplaceable Items List indicates items that you should strongly consider transporting by other means.

In either case, we are happy to load all these into your vehicle for you and unload them at the final destination.  

hazardous materials

Fire Extinguishers

Household Batteries

Matches and Lighters

Aerosols and Chemicals

All types of Fireworks

Guns and Ammunition

Pesticides and Poisons

Ammonia and Fertilizer

Paints and Paint Thinner

All Cleaning Products

Nail Polish and Remover

Solvents and Bleach

Propane Tanks and Gasoline

Car Batteries and Motor Oil

Charcoal and Lighter Fluid

Kerosene and Fuels




Prescription Medicine

Stocks and Bonds

Airline Tickets

Cell Phones and Pagers

Address and Checkbooks

School Records

Jewelry and Cash

Financial Documents

Deeds and Titles

Family Video Tapes

Family Photographs and Albums

Professional Files

Computer and Storage Discs

Home Theater Equipment and Remote Controls

Medical & Dental records

Insurance Policies

Documents for Your New Home

Keys to Furniture, Safe, Home, and Cars