Interstate Valuation

As part of our interstate moving services, you will need to choose a valuation option prior to the start of your move.  This is not insurance, this is the level of liability that we assume for the articles that are to be moved in case of damage or loss.  There are two valuation options; Released Value Protection and Full Value Protection.

Released Value Protection

This level of protection is included in the binding quote you receive for no additional cost.  With Released Value, we assume liability up to 60 cents per pound per article that we move.  For example, if an item with a current market value of $100 that weighs 10 pounds is lost or damaged, we are liable up to $6 for that particular item, not the full value of $100.  

Full Value Protection

For an additional cost, you may choose Full Value Protection.  This option increases our liability up to the amount of protection selected, less the deductible.  With Full Value Protection we reserve to the right to: 

  •  repair the item

  • replace the damaged item with the same or a similar item

  • make a cash settlement for the cost of repair or the current market value of that item

You may either provide us with an estimated total value of your shipment, or it can be determined by the weight of your shipment multiplied by $6 per pound.  The latter would be determined after the load is completed and the cost would be added to the quote at that time.