Best Neighborhoods in Minneapolis MN πŸŒ‡ 7 Affordable and Safe Minneapolis Neighborhoods

Best Neighborhoods in Minneapolis MN πŸŒ‡ | 7 Affordable and Safe Minneapolis Neighborhoods

Moving to Minneapolis can mean a lot! Minneapolis is regularly ranked amongst the best cities in the country for various features; AARP ranked Minneapolis as the seventh-best large city to live in in 2023, and Thrillist named Minneapolis the most bikeable city in 2023.

But your experience in Minneapolis depends on which neighborhood you move to. Minneapolis contains 83 official neighborhoods and a number of informal districts and communities, and there are plenty of Minneapolis suburbs as well. The best thing to do is compare Minneapolis neighborhoods together and narrow your options down, looking for safe, affordable, and kid-friendly locations. Here are the best neighborhoods in Minneapolis, including the safest Minneapolis neighborhoods.

Loring Park | Most LGBTQ Friendly Neighborhood

Loring Park is one of the most LGBTQ-friendly neighborhoods in Minneapolis. It hosts annual LGBTQ pride fests, and it serves as the end location for the Twin Cities Pride Parade. Twin Cities Pride also maintains an office in Loring Park where you can participate in programs like festivals and book readings. The neighborhood is also home to 19 Bar, the oldest gay bar in Minneapolis.

It’s also well known for Loring Park, one of the largest parks in the city. The park covers 33.94 acres and contains ice rinks, wading pools, a bandstand, and a fishing pier. The park connects to the Loring Greenway, a 1,500-foot pedestrian greenway with smooth sidewalks, fountains, and playgrounds, so Loring Park is the best place to live in Minneapolis for a walkable lifestyle. You can also visit Minneapolis Convention Center, the best venue for conventions, festivals, and other special events in Minneapolis.

Linden Hills | Safe Minneapolis Neighborhood With Top Kid-Friendly Stores and Cafes

Linden Hills was one of the last Minneapolis neighborhoods to be developed, with homes first being built in the 1870s. The community now contains top places for shopping in Minneapolis, including Wild Rumpus Books for Young Readers, a kid-friendly independent book store. You can buy flowers at Blue Bird Flowers and wines and spirits at France 44. Wedge Linden Hills Coop is a community co-op with fresh produce and items from local farms.

The community is also becoming well-known for its unique cafes and Linden Hills restaurants. Ceres Cafe is a French coffeehouse with a full menu of pastries, desserts, and sandwiches. You can visit Ceres Cafe in the morning or afternoon for a quick and light lunch.

If you want to try craft beers from microbreweries, you can visit Wooden Ship Brewing Company. The brewery has a dog-friendly patio where you can try all of the beers on tap. Martina Minneapolis is a contemporary Argentine restaurant where you can order pasta, grilled meat, and seafood and try a range of cocktails. Linden Hills is one of the safest neighborhoods in Minneapolis, with crime rates lower than the city, state, and national averages, so you and your family can remain out late at night.

North Loop Minneapolis | Trendy Minneapolis Neighborhood With Luxury Apartments

Ask a resident of Minneapolis about a trendy neighborhood, and they’ll tell you about North Loop. North Loop was an industrial area that has steadily transformed into an exciting and hip arts and entertainment district popular amongst young people. You can find a number of top North Loop restaurants and bars, including Smack Shack, a Southern-inspired seafood restaurant.

Target Center, the home to the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Minnesota Lynx, is on the southern tip of North Loop Minneapolis. You can watch sporting events as well as stand-up comedy shows, concerts, and other special events, making North Loop one of the best places to live in Minneapolis for nightlife.

North Loop Minneapolis is also a great neighborhood for renters, as it contains a number of luxury apartments. Junction Flats Apartments offers studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom units with various amenities, including vinyl plank flooring and low-flow plumbing fixtures. All residents have access to a fitness center, a spin studio, and a pet spa. FreightYard Townhomes and Flats offers smart townhomes and North Loop apartments for rent, including units with smart locks you can unlock with your phone.

Fulton | Family-Friendly, Nice, and Quiet Minneapolis Neighborhood

  • Population: 6,491
  • Average rent of Fulton apartments: $1,272 a month
  • Median price of Fulton homes for sale: $536,750
  • Fulton crime: 2,710 offenses per 100,000 people (58.2% lower than the city average)

Fulton is a Southwest Minneapolis neighborhood located away from major tourist attractions, making it one of the best Minneapolis neighborhoods for people looking for a quiet place to live. The neighborhood does contain a few restaurants, including Red Cow 50th and France, a tavern with handcrafted burgers and sandwiches. But most of Fulton is residential with a grid-like pattern for streets, making the community very walkable and easy to navigate. You can walk to a few parks, including York Park.

Fulton is one of the best places to live in Minneapolis for purchasing single-family homes, especially large properties. You can find four-bedroom homes covering 1,800 square feet for $650,000. Some properties were built in the early or mid-1900s, so they contain features like single-story and open-floor layouts.

Fulton is a family-friendly community. It’s one of the safest neighborhoods in Minneapolis, so your kids can walk through the streets and stay late comfortably. It contains Lake Harriet Upper School, a 3-5 elementary school, making it a good community for young children.

Uptown | Up-And-Coming Neighborhood in Minneapolis With Grocery Stores and Arts Festivals

  • Population: 21,475
  • Average rent of Uptown apartments: $1,546 a month
  • Median price of Uptown homes for sale: $176,295
  • Uptown crime: 9,698 offenses per 100,000 residents (49.5% higher than the Minneapolis average)

Uptown is sometimes considered a neighborhood of Minneapolis and sometimes an area of the community with sub neighborhoods. Subneighborhoods within Uptown include East Bde Maka Ska, East Isles, Lowry Hill East, and South Uptown. These neighborhoods share many similarities with each other, including similar crime rates, so you can treat Uptown as one neighborhood.

Uptown is a hip and up-and-coming neighborhood well known for its arts scene. The Uptown Art Fair is an annual event with local and international artists selling their paintings, sculptures, and clothing at booths in the neighborhood. You can also find various restaurants and grocery stores selling Mexican, Middle Eastern, and Asian groceries.

Cub - Minneapolis Uptown is a top supermarket that offers fresh produce, meat, and dairy at affordable prices. Kowalski’s Markets sells local ingredients and goods from many Minneapolis-area farms, making it a good store for supporting local farmers.

Whittier | Most Affordable Minneapolis Neighborhood

Whittier is just south of downtown Minneapolis, bordering Interstate 35 West, which runs north and south and provides access to other Minneapolis neighborhoods. This makes Whittier one of the best Minneapolis neighborhoods for commuters and businesspeople. Several top Minneapolis things to do are within Whittier, including the Minneapolis Institute of Art.

The Minneapolis Institute of Art contains over 90,000 works of art from 5,000 years of history, making it a great place for visits throughout the year. Karmel Mall is the first Somali shopping center in the United States, containing restaurants and stores with Somali goods, including carpets and clothing.

Whittier is the most affordable neighborhood in Minneapolis, making it a good choice if you’re worried about the Minneapolis cost of living. The average rent in Minneapolis is $1,665 a month, and nearly three-quarters of apartments for rent in Whittier cost less than $1,500 a month. You can find large houses for sale in Whittier with four or more bedrooms and over 2,000 square feet of space for $500,000.

The community has duplexes and triplexes for sale, so if you’re interested in developing real estate, you can buy a property and then rent units out. Most duplexes in the community are available for around $650,000, and they’ve been recently renovated, so you don’t have to spend additional money restoring the properties.

Downtown West | Best Minneapolis Neighborhood for Commuters and Young Professionals

Downtown West is the best Minneapolis neighborhood if you want to live in Downtown Minneapolis or Central Minneapolis. It’s a hub for theaters and live performers, including the Minnesota Orchestra. The Minnesota Orchestra is the top orchestra in the state, and you can attend family-friendly concerts throughout the year. The Orpheum Theatre is a historic theater with classic terracotta sculptures and architecture home to musicals and concerts.

Downtown West is also the best place to live in Minneapolis for singles, commuters, young professionals, and entrepreneurs. The neighborhood contains several top hotels with conference rooms and business centers, including Embassy Suites, so you can meet with clients and out-of-town visitors conveniently. Various bus and train routes with Metro Transit run through Downtown West, connecting the neighborhood to nearly all neighborhoods in Minneapolis and some cities near Minneapolis, including St. Paul.

You can use the Metro Transit system map to see which stops and routes are near you. Downtown West is one of the safest Minneapolis neighborhoods in the downtown area, so you can use public transit whenever you want.

Minneapolis Neighborhoods Map

You can use this Minneapolis neighborhoods map to see where neighborhoods are and find the best things to do in Minneapolis.

Living in the best Minneapolis neighborhoods can transform your life! You can go to safe and family-friendly communities like Linden Hills and Fulton, or you can live in hip and vibrant neighborhoods like Loring Park and Uptown.

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