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Getting ready to move to your new place in Minneapolis? It's the start of an exciting chapter, but let's face it – moving can be a real headache, even for a local move within 100 miles. But don't worry, we've got your back! The Move Crew, your go-to Minneapolis apartment moving squad, is here to make the whole process a breeze.

Our team understands the ups and downs, both emotionally and physically, that come with moving apartments. We specialize in tackling the unique challenges that apartment moves throw at you.

Our Minneapolis apartment movers are pros at figuring out tricky building layouts, coordinating with apartment management, and navigating those narrow spots like stairwells. Our apartment moving services cover not just Minneapolis but also all of the Minneapolis metropolitan area and the entire Twin Cities area. So, when you're ready to ditch the stress of moving, just give The Move Crew a shout for a smooth and hassle-free experience!

Top Reasons for Hiring Minneapolis Apartment Movers

The Move Crew excels in navigating the unique complexities of apartment moves. From respecting shared spaces and maintaining the integrity of landscaped areas and communal stairs to seamless coordination with property management, we handle every detail with finesse.

Considering factors such as your apartment's layout, stair or elevator usage, and the journey from the parking lot to your door, our team expertly orchestrates the entire apartment moving checklist. We adeptly adapt to the varied demands of apartment complexes, accommodating specific moving hours, elevator protocols, or parking rules. This ensures positive collaboration with landlords and property managers throughout Minneapolis. Here’s what you can expect from our top-rated Minneapolis apartment movers:

Stress Reduction

We provide peace of mind throughout the process by planning everything for you. You won’t have to worry about whether to load up the furniture or boxes first - we’ve got it.

Time Savings

When you’re relocating, you have a lot of things on your mind. We work hard to save you time by handling all of the heavy lifting for you.

Packing Services

Even though it’s not a full house, packing up your apartment can be just as stressful. Our expert packers will come in and pack everything up safely and securely with professional-grade moving boxes, materials, and specialized trucks to guarantee a successful move.

Expertise and Experience

Our Minneapolis apartment moving company brings experience and knowledge to handle any situation, no matter the challenge. Our team handles heavy lifting and transportation of bulky items, eliminating your risk of injury.

Furniture and Apartment Protection

We use professional moving blankets and shrink wrap to protect your furniture, ensuring your apartment's doors, floors, and staircases are safeguarded. Our proficient Minneapolis local apartment movers specialize in careful furniture assembly, disassembly, and strategic rearrangement in your new space.

Storage Solutions

Sometimes, you won’t need all of your belongings at once. If you’re downsizing or just need to keep some stuff put away, we offer short term, long term, and portable storage options.


It may seem like hiring professional apartment moving companies may be expensive, but DIY moves can cost the same or more than hiring professionals but without the added benefits of expertise and efficiency.

Minneapolis Apartment Moving Requires Specialized Equipment & Training

In Minneapolis, apartment moving demands a blend of strength, professional equipment, and highly skilled professionals. The Move Crew combines these essential elements to ensure a secure and efficient move by utilizing:
  • Industry-leading trucks: Our diverse fleet features meticulously maintained trucks suitable for various move scales.
  • Essential moving equipment: Our trucks come fully equipped with a comprehensive toolbox for disassembly and reassembly tasks, straps and furniture, various dollies, wardrobe boxes, extra boxes, shrink wrap, and tape.
  • Professional crews: Our team, the core of our Minneapolis apartment moving company, receives extensive training in all moving aspects. Their significant experience and collaborative efficiency emphasize our commitment to quality service and superlative customer satisfaction.
  • Advanced technology: Our trucks are GPS-equipped for precise tracking, complemented by specialized software for optimal management and a speedy move.
With The Move Crew’s Minneapolis apartment moving services, your relocation is in the hands of seasoned professionals equipped with the right tools for any job.

How Much Does a Minneapolis Apartment Move Cost?

We know it’s tempting to do the work yourselves in hopes of saving a few bucks! However, DIY may not be as affordable as you think. Understanding the cost of hiring Minneapolis movers for apartments is a key concern for most residents planning their move. At The Move Crew, we provide transparent estimates and affordable rates.

The cost of your move will depend on several factors, ensuring that you only pay for what you need, including:
  • Type of apartment move: The size of your unit and the number of bedrooms directly affect the scope of the move.
  • Contents of the move: The total amount of furniture, the number of boxes, and the nature of items being moved are all considered in the estimate.
  • Distance: Both the distance from your unit to the truck and the drive to your new apartment are key factors in determining the cost.
  • Special services: Any additional services, such as furniture disassembly and reassembly, add to the complexity and, therefore, the cost of the move.
  • Access to the unit: The level of accessibility, whether it's a second-floor unit, reliance on elevators, or the need for hoisting items, can influence the cost.
  • Special preparations: If your move requires special preparation to ensure the safety and integrity of your belongings, this is reflected in the quote.
  • Crew size: The number of professionals required to efficiently and safely complete your move also affects the overall cost.
At The Move Crew, we understand that residents are often keen to know the cost of moving a 1-bedroom or a 2-bedroom apartment within an apartment community. We encourage you to call us at 612-361-6787 for a personalized quote so you can relax and look forward to your new Minneapolis apartment!

Choosing the Best Minneapolis Apartment Moving Company

Selecting the best Minneapolis apartment moving company demands a thorough evaluation of essential elements to guarantee your stress-free relocation. The Move Crew stands out as a premier choice for your apartment moving needs, backed by professional expertise and an abundance of positive reviews.

When you partner with us for your apartment move, you don't have to worry about the intricacies of planning and execution, as promised by our:
  • Stellar reviews and customer satisfaction: Dive into our Minneapolis moving reviews and witness the positive experiences shared by our satisfied customers.
  • Experience and reliability: With years in the moving industry, we have a track record of numerous successful moves and a minimal claims rate.
  • Licensing and insurance: Rest easy knowing we are fully licensed and insured, ensuring total peace of mind throughout your move.
  • State-of-the-art equipment: Our fleet includes newer, impeccably maintained trucks equipped with all the necessary tools.
  • Exceptional customer service: Our commitment to customer service ensures not just meeting but exceeding your expectations over every mile.
  • Highly trained crews: Our crews are specially trained and possess extensive experience in the intricacies of apartment moving, ensuring a smooth relocation.
  • Advanced technology: We utilize the latest technology, including truck tracking and GPS, to keep you updated and ensure a swift, cost-effective move.

At The Move Crew, we understand the unique challenges of apartment moves and strive to showcase our premier standard of service.
We're excited to build a lasting relationship with you and demonstrate why The Move Crew is your top choice for local apartment moving in Minneapolis and the greater Minnesota metro. Contact us today at 612-361-6787 or complete our online form for a customized quote to embark on your journey with a trusted team by your side!

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