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Moving a Piano in Minneapolis With The Move Crew

Many pianos are passed down from generation to generation, possessing sentimental value; pianos are expensive, cherished pieces that deserve the proper care during a transition. The Move Crew is skilled in Minneapolis piano moving and has the knowledge to properly relocate your beloved instrument.

Pianos are heavy, ranging from 300 to over 1400 pounds, and moving them without the correct training and equipment is a disaster waiting to happen. We safely move upright or spinet, baby grand, brand, and digital pianos. With such care needed during a relocation, having a dedicated Minneapolis piano mover is necessary.

The Move Crew offers an affordable Minneapolis piano moving service to Minneapolis, all of the Minneapolis metropolitan area, and the entire Twin Cities area. There is no need to stress about how your beloved piano will get to your new address when we’re there to relocate it promptly, securely, and at an affordable rate.

Hiring Professional Minneapolis Piano Movers - Top Reasons

Hiring a top Minneapolis piano moving company can prove beneficial in countless ways. While some people may not have the time to relocate their instruments on their own, others may lack the necessary equipment. People seek reliable Minneapolis piano moving companies for many reasons—some find the entire process stressful and lack the knowledge or expertise to do it correctly. Many people find that a reliable Minneapolis piano moving company reduces stress, saves time, reduces the risk of injury, and ensures a safer transition. 

Whether you’re trying to save time, reduce stress, need specific specialty services, or simply don’t have the manpower and equipment to move your piano on your own, we’re the Minneapolis piano movers for you. 

When you relocate a piano independently, the risk of damage to your instrument (and yourself) increases exponentially. Not only are pianos extremely expensive and heavy, but they’re also delicate items requiring knowledge and experience. Pianos can shift in a moving truck or fall on someone if not strapped down correctly. Finding the time to research how to relocate a piano properly can feel impossible, and many people don’t want to ask their friends and family members for such a significant favor. In short, relocating a piano is risky and should be left to an experienced Minneapolis piano moving company. 

Minneapolis Piano Movers Require Specialized Equipment & Training

Minneapolis piano moving requires specific equipment and training—equipment and training that can only be provided by professional Minneapolis piano moving companies. Not all companies are as experienced and skilled as us, and when you hire a team to transport your sentimental instrument, you want them to boast ample expertise and knowledge. 

When you work with an experienced team, they will provide the following—premier—equipment: 
  • Piano dolly for all types of pianos (upright, baby grand, and grand)
  • Tie-down straps so your beloved instrument is moved securely
  • Moving blankets and shrink wrap for safe transportation and scratch prevention
  • 4-wheeler carpeted furniture dolly
All moving trucks offer a liftgate or ramp to keep your piano grounded and secure. It will also be securely tied down with premium moving straps to prevent in-transit damage. 

As the top Minneapolis piano movers, The Move Crew has handled many piano relocations. Our team members can disassemble and reassemble your Grand Piano (and any other piano) for secure transportation. We undergo rigorous training to ensure your musical items are always transported with the best care possible. You won’t have to stress when you choose us as your Minneapolis piano moving company; our crew will carefully get your piano to your new home promptly and at an affordable rate. 

How Much Do Minneapolis Piano Movers Cost?

Now that you’re an expert on piano moving, you likely want to know the cost of moving your piano to your new address.

 Here’s what you can expect your piano relocation to cost you:

The only way to get an accurate quote for your desired Minneapolis piano moving service is to contact a moving company for a free estimate. However, your chosen Minneapolis piano moving company will consider the following circumstances when formulating your quote. 
  • Type of piano
  • Distance from origin to destination 
  • How accessible the piano is (will it need to be hoisted)
  • Special prep nessarcary
  • Number of movers needed
The type of piano and the distance will affect the cost. The further you travel, the more you will pay. You will likely pay more if your instrument is located on an above-floor floor and will most likely be hoisted. The more intricate the relocation, the more Minneapolis piano movers you will need and the more you will pay. 

Regardless of your moving parameters, if you choose a good Minneapolis piano moving company, you will receive an affordable estimate. The best teams are flexible and will work with you within your budget!

Minneapolis Piano Moving Companies - How to Choose the Best One

Finding a company competent enough to handle one of your most prized possessions can feel daunting. Instead of hiring the first team you find, you'll want to do your research to ensure you choose the right team. 

You Minneapolis piano movers should have the following: 
  • Years of experience 
  • The proper licenses and insurance
  • Premium equipment 
  • Low claims rate
  • Great customer reviews
A top Minneapolis piano moving company will have years of experience in piano moving. Great companies come highly recommended and possess an impeccable reputation. Your chosen team should have all the above and then some!

The Move Crew has handled over 10,000 relocations (and many piano moves); we boast a 4.9-star customer rating, a 98% referral rate, and nine years of moving industry experience. We have exceptional customer reviews and the experience and reputation you want from the team you’re entrusting your piano to. Our crew undergoes rigorous training and is experienced in piano disassembly and reassembly; your beloved instrument will be safe in the hands of our expert Minneapolis piano movers!
Moving a piano in Minneapolis is no easy feat, which is why you need the best Minneapolis piano mover to help you! Minneapolis piano moving companies can make a typically stressful (and expensive) situation feel stress free; we will relocate your piano to your address at an affordable rate! If you need your instrument relocated, contact The Move Crew—the best Minneapolis piano moving company—at (612) 361-6787 for a free estimate.

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